Will write overseas.
Greetings, just to be honest, I am looking for a friend that will hopefully listen to my heart and what I feel.  I was taught to be a realist that knows when time is wasted.  I taught myself a lot and during my journey, I’ve caused pain to the hearts of some women.  Karma never loses an address.  So, therefore, I was hurt and in pain as well.  I have had a calling from God for a long time.  But like Forrest Gump I ran from it, not knowing why, I just kept running until I was sent here, now God has my full attention.  Although I am not the man I was before, but I’m not yet who I want to be.  I don’t like skeletons in the closet.  Because they turn to ghosts and they like hauntings.  So, I need someone I can be for, so I hope you find me.


Anthony Smith # 01503310
Montford Unit
8602 Peach Street
Lubbock   TX   79404   USA
Anthony Smith
African American, Asian, Hispanic
Sexual Assault
Release Date
Eligibility 2027
Ad Start:   10-28-21
Ad Expiration:  10-28-22
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