Steven H Carter
Steven H Carter # 150088
Colorado Territorial
P O Box 1010
Canon City   CO   81215   USA
Wuz up? I'm Steve, all peace and love to you. I'm down for Jesus and up on the Buddha. Generosity and kindness are my game and I'm playing for success. I'm looking to meet a lady friend to hit the ground running with and share some epic experiences with.

My focus is synergetic and proactive living. I'm set on continuing all the positive things I've been working on while locked up and want a woman willing to support my dreams, aspirations and ambition. I'm not going to forget all those wearing green in Colorado and slammed down elsewhere so I'm going to support the prison community once I'm free. I want to work with church outreaches and in the Arts to make prison a place of spirituality, rehabilitation and personal growth. One day I'm going to speak at the Capitol to further a normalized system.

My entrepreneurial spirit is flying high with potential. I'm going to manage and help to bring to fruition several young men's dream of being a famous Rock N’ Roll band.

I also have some down to earth business goals and pursuing an education in Addiction Counseling.

Of course I stay in physical, mental/emotional and spiritual shape and look forward to skiing, mtn biking, photography and Crossfit. I want to try new things like surfing, S.U.P., motorcycles and even BASE jumping. God willing!

My idea of a perfect fourth date is a couple of hours at a tattoo parlor (you have to contact me to learn about the first three).

I'm dedicated to sobriety and  non-violence and compassion. I feel I have a lot to offer you and the world. If you feel I may be “the one” or just want to connect, hit me up and we'll see where we go together.

Ad Start: 01-19-2023
Ad Expiration:  01-19-2024
Christian, Buddhist
Attempted Murder
Release Date