Kurt Williams
Kurt Williams # 149822
ASPC Lewis
P O Box 3200
Buckeye   AZ   85326   USA
I'm Kurt, I'm 41, born February 21, 1980 which makes me a Pisces, if you're into astrology. I'm from Phoenix, Arizona and have 4 brothers, 1 sister.  I’m 6 foot, 185 pounds and have hazel green eyes.

I'm mostly a chill person with a playful, dorky, sarcastic, adventurous side and my sense of humor is more horns up then halo-ish. I’m honest, authentic, really you can ask me anything I'll answer you.

I'm open-minded and passionate (loyal)  when it comes to the people I love and things I care for. I may even wear my heart on my sleeve for family and friends a little too much.

I love music, really it's metal, rap, some country and pop. I'm also into sports. My favorite is football though here I play basketball and work out to stay active and healthy.

I do like to eat, cook, read, watch TV though camping, travelling, motocross, dirt biking, ect. is all stuff that excites me.

Right now, I have 4 years left, so my focus is on becoming a better person (man)  in life for society because I already have a job and a good plan set up. Which means farewell to Viking and dungeon living.

I appreciate you taking the time to read a little about me now, trust your judgment and write or e-mail me because like you I'm hoping to meet someone real to know and be friends with.

E-mail account setup is free at, securustech.net  Please leave your contact information so I can reply to you. Please take care, stay safe and smile 😊.

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