Michael Lollys

My name is Michael. I'm a 54 year old single  "heterosexual  male" seeking to meet new friendly people. Friendly people who are open-minded extroverts with a funny personality. Friendly people who act and think independently. Friendly people who can reshape lives, friends who can reach out and embrace the basic fundamentals of someone else's life with confidence through their own human capacity of self-awareness. Friendly people who can examine their own paradigm to determine whether they're reality-or-successful based.

Since my incarceration;
I've obtained a PhD in counseling. After graduating in 2018, I continued my education and enrolled at Adams State University to study business. I consider myself a life long learner. I continue honoring and expanding my mind because is a vital mental renewal which builds character and self-awareness.

I write music, play the drums and bass; and our band the "Gallavants" perform five times a year to build moral in this facility. When I'm not practicing music I weight training this is my passion (check my pics). I love competing in weight meets at 54!

I have a broad range of interests. I'm imaginative, creative and artistically sensitive. I value morals and precepts that's coincide with biblical ethics. I'm a community cultural leader; and as a leader of this community I love to teach offenders about prison reform. It's through vicissitude, we coach offenders to make conscious ethical choices that are proactive.

So, what do you think? Are you willing to be one of those friendly people who can overcome the old cliché about the incarcerated?

Write or reach out to me in your own way and I'm sure you'll experience your own paredogm shift.

Michael Lollys # 149144
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Canon City, CO 81215 USA
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Serving a Life Sentence
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