Jason  Overbey
Loneliness remembers, what happens forgets.

The loss of all things has taught me the value of everything, and I know the meaning of a tear. I know how easy it is to categorize someone in prison and sometimes that caution is justified. But, if you hear with your heart, you will see mine in words. So all I will ever ask for is all I have to give which is, my complete honesty and trust. But when was the last time someone gave you all they have to give?

A country boy who loves the outdoors, nature, and animals. I'm hoping to meet someone open-minded to share thoughts through letters and emails. I know my reality as a prisoner, so I won't misunderstand your care or communication.

I invite all questions so feel free to ask anything. Just be yourself, and believe that I will answer to anyone who dares to write. It's safe, after all, I'm a captive audience . In prison, I live the same day over and over, so I'm interested in everything you share, and I will live vicariously through all you say.

I like sports, exercises, TV, music and reading the Bible. Yes, I believe in God, but I'm not so heavenly minded that I know earthly good. All I ask for is a chance, so let your conscious be your guide, and believe this, that I will never give you a reason to regret writing to me.

I'll be standing at my cell door at "Mail Call" waiting to hear from you.


Jason Overbey # 1483332
River North Correctional Center
329 Dellbrook Lane  
Independence, VA 24348 USA
Women, Donations, Legal Help
Double Life Dentence 8 Years
Release Date
Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start: 01-23-20
Ad Expiration:01-23-22