William Colten
William Colten # 147673
Varner Unit
P O Box 600
Grady   AR   71644   USA
Good day to all who read this, may you be blessed. Thank you for your time.
I am five foot eight inches tall, and weigh about two hundred and sixty pounds. I have a head full of gray hair, great eyes and a lot of tattoos. My tattoos go from my shoulders to my toes.

My ex wife called me the silver fox and my friends used to call me “redneck gangster” but now it’s PawPaw.

I did have a drug problem and was angry all the time. I lived hard and loved fast, had a blast. I am sober now twelve years, still having a blast as a much better man.

I love art, music, food, animals, fishing, the outdoors, farming, racing, motorcycles but most of  all I love my family. I have a daughter, she is fifteen.

I am looking to connect to someone open minded. I would love to meet anyone who is trying to bring some light into the world.

I started my life going down the wrong road and I got my life sentence on a first degree murder charge.

I am not perfect, I am bullheaded, set in my ways, but I am also loyal, loving and dedicated. I write some short stories, draw, paint and make nick nacks. My art is mostly uplifting, but there is some dark, funny and freaky stuff. I found the outlet for me.

My mom is still around and my family is supporting me, fighting for my freedom.

If I get free I want to open my own tattoo shop.

Love to Big GMO and Charlie Farley. You want to know about me, check them out.

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