Orlando Demaza
Peace be upon you & forthwith respects,  ardent gregarious salutations and gratifying bonafide appreciations for your priceless time attention and consideration. Mashallah Allah has willed it., God willing Insha’Allah.
via  prayers and supplication salah & salat.
I hope factually you may discover this scroll in blissful and robust healths.
provision and provocation euphoric actualization.
beautiful maiden it is a cognizance pleasantness in appropriate countenance to your aura, and me making your Luvli acquaintance is everything that emits
Blessing Barakah.
Adorable one my name is Orlando Demaza i am Sunni muslim as well as i am a Fourty Two yearold Gentleman, Height 5’10” Two Hunded & Forty pound Bachelor, im currently single never was married., my Hometown is LosAngeles, California. I Love Allah and im a humble Kind and patient individual As well as a Active Intellectual and a Authentic Realist., As pressure makes diamonds, as hardship formulates character. I have a Likeable natural energetic personality non obnoxious and real., i am in influential possession of the gift of gab., fluent articulated amusing Luxurious non frivolous colloquy. im a moral and thorough individual organized type with A1 Hygiene collaborated with clean health, i eat lawful pure, adequate food with effective increment of physical and mental exercise therefore i maintain physical and mental productivity., Im a One in seventy seven point seven billion 77.7 percent Legit and Loyal individual i am seeking a goodquality intelligent Lovely Loyal and Legit career oriented type female friend and if me and her are predestined at some point we will amalgamate. my hobbys are reading autobiography beneficial Literatures & taking Lengthy strolls on the oceans colorful hue shore and inhailing the invigorating seas air as the sun sets in is golden artistic splendor. as well as preparing my gourmet mouth watering signature dishes and barbecuing im a multi tasker. i always smell good and dress good im a fan of superior coffee as well as good quality resteraurants as well as frequenting popular amusement parks, water parks carnivals and fairs shopping malls ice cream parlors juice bars coffee shops and all this and all that. i listen to any song that that retain quality., my favorite dishes are Arabian, Mediterranean and Latin as well as asian. and my favorite morning drink is vanilla cappuccino. im the type that showers on the regular and my breath stay minty., as far as me i'm bluntly real me being down is extremely temporary im on the jail work crew im earning goodtime im predicted to be released mid summer 2022. if you are Loyal as well as Real career orientated and Fine reach out to me and i will respond back to you promptly
In Futuristic dreams of long ago I imagined my true love; A perfect match & a “SoulMate”,
An angel from above. Now you’re here and now I Know Our Love will stay and thrive and grow.

Orlando Demaza # 1470
Berkshire County Jail
467 Cheshire Road
Pittsfield   MA   01201   USA
Mister RIght
Mister Right Part 2
Ad Start: 05-05-2022
Ad Expiration: 05-05-2023

Hispanic, African American
Violation of Restraining Order
Release Date