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Lord you brought someone truly special a godsend conclusively so me and her may appropriately amalgamate certifiably exuberantly. Lord, I pray you will bless her and give her a day filled with your goodness & touched by your love and overflowing with joy.

You're on my mind and in my prayers. Concisely impromptu chiefly I’m factually a gentleman as well as an intellectual and a realist. I’m authentically poetic and retain superb conversation or other ways of correspondence.

I’m non-obnoxious. I'm extremely respectful as well as sanitary. My health is impeccably without blemish and I’m not an addict FYI.

I sincerely apologize my photo is not currently posted but in the near future it shall.

Forthrightly no exaggeration honestly. I’m handsome. I'm black Mexican and French, brown skin baldhead 5’ 10” 240 lbs. Solid 42 years old Libra.


Orlando Demaza # 1470
Berkshire County Jail
467 Cheshire Road
Pittsfield   MA   01201   USA
Orlando Demaza
Hispanic, African American
Violation of Restraining Order
Release Date
Ad Start:  03-17-22
Ad Expiration:  09-17-25
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