Daniel Osorio
Daniel Osorio # 1468109
Polunsky Unit
3872 FM 350
Livingston   TX   77351   USA
Hello My Name Is Daniel Osorio. I’m a very romantic 34 year old, everyone tell me I look younger than my real age but a little about me. I’m from Houston, Texas. I have dark blak eyes. I’m a Latino Americano, light brown skin, black hair. I’m 5’6 157 lbs. It is my intention to fulfill the longing I have, which is to share my qualities with someone who is willing to travel this road of incarceration and struggle with me.

Someone living their best lives. Someone I can build a meaningful bond with that will surpass my time of confinement. A bond that includes uplifting, respecting, motivating, encouraging and communication on a grand level, playing a positive role in each other's lives.

I’m here with great hope of establishing a sincere and honest friendship with someone who can see where I’m at and doesn't define who I am in life. It is about taking chances and doing things beyond the normal and meeting new people of all walks of life.

Some find this unthinkable but I believe the unthinkable is attained only after we step outside our comfort zone and truly be open to the pleasure of a friendship.

I myself am a simple individual who is humorous and easy to get along with. I’m non-judgmental, open-minded with a down to earth personality, like a diamond, I have flaws but my value  is immeasurable. Besides my being active in any way possible I enjoy reading, working out and playing sports and travel and engaging in meaningful conversation. My strongest quality is me being a great listener and my loyalty to some on all levels to share.
So if you're interested in knowing more about me, the fastest way to write is go on www.JPay.com. Make sure you put your address in the letter.

I look forward to hearing from you soon… If there is more you need to know about me you can ask me.  I don't have a pic of me. If you could look at the DOC website my pic is posted on there.

I like all music. I have some songs I did here that are a lot of love songs. I think I’m good at it. I just need to come home to show it.

I hope someone would like to know me. I’m only looking for one beautiful friend.

Thank you for the time.

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