Earl Short
Personal Information:
(D.O.O.) Date of Birth:  8/29/94 (Birthday: August 29th)
Height:  6’1
Weight:  150 lbs.
Birth Place:  South Philadelphia/PassYunk Projects
Government Name:  Earl Short
Nicknames:  Duke, Duke The God, Spazz, Royal Spazz, Duke Turn Up,The Duke, Duke It Out, Etc.
Eye Color:  Dark Brown
Skin Color:  Almond/cinnamon/caramel complexion.
Hair Color:  Black
Race:  Black/White/Hispanic/Indian (Mixed Breed)
Body Type:  Athletic, Skinny, Muscular Build
Religion:  Christian/Believer In God & Jesus Christ.
Hobbies:  Rapping, Singing, Song Writing, Ghost Writing, Playing Sports, Fashion Designer-”ing”, Ect.
Dreams:  Musician, Music Icon, Rap Legend, Movie Star, Versatile Music Artist and Songwriter, Own My Own Clothing Lines, Car Dealerships, Airports, Hotels, Real Estate & Property Businesses, Grocery Stores, Shoe Stores, Auto Body Repair Shops, Etc.
Goals:  Stay Healthy, Happy, Live Life Longevity And Make Enough Money To Move My Loved Ones And Family Members Out of Poverty to Hollywood!
YOLO - (You only live once) What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger!
Don’t Injure Them With Violence
Kill Them With Kindness!
Bible Scriptures and Verses:
Matthew (5:44) “But I Say Unto You, Love Your Enemies, Bless Them That Curse You, Do Good To Them That Hate You, and Pray for Them Which Despitefully Use You”.
Proverbs (17:17) “A Friend Loves at All Times, and Brothers Are Born for Adversity”.
Proverbs (18:24) “ A Man of Many Companions May Come To Ruin, But There Is a Friend Who Sticks Closer Than a Brother.”
Mark (11:24) “Therefore I Say Unto You, What Thing So Ever Desire, When Ye Pray, Believe That Ye Receive Them, and Ye Shall Have Them.”Amiss, That Ye May Consume It Upon Your Lusts.”
“God Works In Mysterious Ways.”
Success Is The Best Revenge.”
“Love overcomes hate”
Real Hate, Fake Love”.
“I’m interested in writing females, which is my number 1 priority, also female companions, female and male friends”.
Introduction:  I’m all about Love, Loyalty, Family, Peace, Faith, Honesty and Sincerity. If you have any of these great qualities, similar characteristics, and authentic traits... Please feel free to write me back ASAP without hesitation and if possible, please send me a photo of yourself with your phone number (only) if you want and feel comfortable. Take Care, God Bless, Be Safe, Hope to hear from you soon!

Earl Short # 145597
High Security Center
P O Box 8200
Cranston   RI   02920   USA

Ad Start: 11-18-21
Ad Expiration: 01-18-23
Women, Friends
African American, Caucasian, Hispanic
Assault (4)
Release Date