Justin Nadeau

My name is Justin. I'm 27 years old and currently serving 5 years. My current release date is 2/2022 but with good time could be as early as 2/2021.

In the past I have always kept a small circle of very close friends but am looking to expand my horizons and find new people to talk to and vent to and vice- versa.

I am a very good listener and love writing so a long letter from me wouldn't be unusual. I love giving advice and helping people get through tough times and be a type of support system. What I would like to get from this is new friendships, good conversation and if the connection is right hopefully it can bloom into something more. This is my first time doing something like this so I am a bit nervous as you may be.

I have had more than my share of fun growing up but am now more than ready to settle down. I believe in true love, monogamy, marriage and growing old together. I believe in romantic candlelit dinners when the time is right and pampering and satisfying my woman. If that makes me old-fashioned then so be it. LOL. I think the little gestures mean the most. I am also a firm believer that beauty has nothing to do with looks. It's your personality, the way you treat others, the way you care/love and your self-confidence. You fall for who you fall for regardless of race, age, size or anything else.

I am not looking to rush into anything as I have been hurt, used and cheated on in the past, so I am looking to take things slow. To me trust, honesty and communication are the most important aspect of any relationship whether it be siblings, friends, or couples. I'm a very honest person so if there is anything you would like to ask about me or my life feel free no boundaries. I have always been the type to never hide anything. You either like me for who I am or you don't.

I have three beautiful daughters that are a large part of my life. If we talk they will probably come up often and if you ever want more than friends, understand they are part of the package. I am born, raised and live in the city but prefer the country and outdoors. I graduated high school with honors and am currently enrolled in community college class.
A couple questions I could have for you are:
How old are you?
What do you do for a living?
Where do you live?
What about me caught your attention?
What are you looking for from this?

Feel free to include pictures. You must include my ID number (145180) on envelope. I can't wait to hear from you.

Justin Nadeau # 145180
John J Moran Center Medium Security
P O Box 8274
Cranston, RI 02920 USA

Women, Friends, Donations
Felony Assault
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