Darwin Stauffer Sr
Anyone can stumble upon a treasure chest but it takes a thoughtful, patient, caring and willing person to discover the true treasures held within. 

Are you tired of meeting the same old masked individuals who are careless, selfless and untrustworthy, only out for themselves? Are you done wasting your time and emotions on those who fall short of what you desire? If yes then you and I are a lot alike, for I've lived the same nightmare myself; perpetually dissatisfied.

It's a difficult to weed out all the quest full of fools gold; but this profile is full of gems. If you open it you'll find someone you can turn to for comfort and laughter. Someone to trust, with a heart that doesn't judge. A shoulder to lean on when times get rough, intelligent conversation and time that dedicated to you alone. My intentions are pure, wholehearted and absolute.

I come from a bad neighborhood and had a less than ideal childhood. Therefore, it is my dream to become a successful and productive member of society. I know I can do this I just got to continue to have patience as this dream is coming to fruition as we speak.

I hope to find someone I can share my hopes and dreams with a woman who I can devote my time to whether it be a friendship everlasting or a relationship for passion and joy. I refuse to place boundaries on the countless and endless possibilities.

Just as a rosebush is nurtured into growth by sunlight and water; a friendship is nurtured into existence with a special kind of willingness, communication and chemistry. So let's give each other a try; see if we have what it takes to make roses grow.

Darwin Stauffer

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