Demarkus Christopher
Demarkus Christopher # 143622
Varner Unit
P O Box 600
Grady   AR   71644   USA
We need honest, real, vulnerable relationships. And we can't expect them to fall in our laps. We have to nurture and grow them. And sometimes we have to seek out people whose lives look the way we'd like ours to look. You usually hear about Pursuing People in dating, but the same goes for friendships! Healthy ppl can add value to our lives and we shouldn't be afraid to pursue those ppl as friends. Then in turn, we can add that same value to others lives. I had to learn about staying checked in - with myself, with God and with a handful of healthy PPL who love me enough to tell me the truth, with that being said, Hello, I'm Demarkus, 32 years old, with nine months left in prison until my return home. I’m a Leo, I'm down to earth, I enjoy reading, working out & living life to the fullest. I'm single, with no kids, and I have no certain type.

Let's get to know each other if that's KOOL with you?  Always!  Remember!  If you're going to be checking in with others, you have to know who those others are and what they stand for. You need safe people. You ppl who want you to win. Not just win in the way that benefits them, but win in the way that brings you closer to God.


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African American
Parole Violation
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