Daniel Broome
Daniel Broome # 14330405     
82911 Beach Access Road     
Umatilla   OR   97882   USA
ISO sweet, chill, playful woman. A lot like me. A bit less-vanilla, likes to have fun, dirty in bed. I’m high energy and not a homebody. I’m a metalhead. If you’re a stand-up girl and interested in seeking someone outside your race or culture because that piques your interest. I encourage you to say hello to me. I’m interested in all the social arts, tattoo culture/body modding, rally/motor sports, cosplay, gothic/dark art, renewable energy, traveling, going to shows/festivals. Setting fire to conventional thought. Deep conversation, philosophy.  Smiling even when it hurts.

Don’t smoke, don’t drink - did all that - not a square, but life to me is a thrill ride without it. PLEASE: be a little weird. Open to new things (I’m used to being told NO) have an open mind. Not be led by politics alone. Have a talent or be natural at something. I have goals, tattoos, a slamming personality, and hard-bodied; I love lifting and reading most anything, and want to better my life experience. I’m persuing educational opportunities, possess now a couple certificates and plan to do more. Any topic of conversation welcome: philanthropy, goals music, sex, arts and crafts, adventures, etc.

Please introduce me to a nice pic of you and a cool song that speaks to you, makes you cry, fuels you. Artistic influences: Nietzsche, Rob Zombie, Mr. T, Mad Max, Captain Spalding, Corey Taylor.

Write me, don’t delay. Laugh at my misfortune, send me a happy card. (pics are old)

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