Peter Louissaint
My name is Peter.

I'm 33 years young :), 5'11", 175 lbs., with a slim athletic built. I'm originally from Brooklyn, NY (born and raised), but moved to Virginia in 2007 when I was 22 years young. I am of Creole/West Indian descent.

I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music and watching all kinds of movies. I'm a big foodie, so I love cooking and enjoying a good hearty meal. I also enjoy sports, especially running track and exercising. I love everything "cats", especially the lion. For I am a Leo. I'm a very open-minded, educated, family-oriented, outgoing, funny, down to earth, easy-going person who's full of energy and loves having a good time and living life to the fullest.

Now what has prompted me to post a profile on this website? Well, it's due to my inherent desire to meet new people from different races, ages, backgrounds, lifestyles, beliefs and cultures from all over the world! I love learning new things as well as teaching other people new things.

I am looking for someone whom i can talk to about anything in an open and nonjudgmental way and can understand my situation and circumstances. I am looking for someone to build a bond and meaningful friendship with based on honesty, loyalty and trust! For those are traits and qualities that I value and hold dear to.

Am I looking for love? Not necessarily, however who knows where our friendship may lead us. I'm open to explore any potential possibilities. If the chemistry avails itself and things fall in their proper perspective then why not go for it? :)

Please feel free to contact me. You can email me through All you need is my name and ID number. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Peter Louissaint # 1432632
Red Onion State Prison
P O Box 970
Pound, VA 24279 USA
Women, Men, Friends, Donations, Legal Help
West Indian/Creole
Aggravated Malicious Wounding
Release Date
Ad Start: 04-26-18
Ad Expiration:04-26-19