Robert Tippens - LEGAL AD
Robert Tippens # 1430105
Dillwyn Correctional Center
1522 Prison Road
Dillwyn   VA   23936   USA
In 2009 I was arrested and indicted for Robbery, Eluding and attempted capital murder on law enforcement, with my priors, I was forced to take a jury trial.  Plea offer was 27 years.  May 27, 2010 a jury found me both guilty of Robbery, Eluding and attempted unlawful woundings.  No one was injured in my care.  I was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.  Once I received my sentences and conviction order, I noted the attempted capital murder offense was on my record. I immediately notified trial court.  August 26, 2010 trial court issued an order of correction.  Almost 12 years later, January 2, 2021, I applied for a COVID-19 early release, and a conditional pardon based upon my many underlying medical conditions and my good behavior.  January 27, 2021 the Virginia Department of Corrections and the parole board denied my applications based upon the nature of the attempted capital murder on a law enforcement offense, which is totally erroneous. I exhausted all my administrative remedies to have this erroneous offense removed from my record, to no avail.  I have no other remedy but to file civil action, because the erroneous offense is prejudicial in itself as it being applied to my liberty interest in participation in early release programs.  Moreover, could you imagine, as a black man in society being pulled over by police officers, whom once law enforcement runs my license and a name through its teletype, the information will come back that I was just released from imprisonment on a conviction of attempted capital murder on a law enforcement officer.  Law enforcement will not know the offense is erroneous, who knows what may happen next.  If I were to be killed the media will receive information that I was released from prison on an attempted capital murder on law enforcement offense.  My demise will be justified.  That is the Virginia Department of Corrections (VA.D.O.C.).  No one will take my case as a poor educated black man.  I cannot be heard alone.  I need financial assistance to properly file the many legal required documents.  Any and all help and/or financial donations to I pay will be greatly appreciated.  My best regard.  I remain.

Sincerely, your model prisoner, Robert E. Tippens Jr. #1430105

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