George  Costiel
Greetings future friend,

A proud American born, honorably discharged Navy Vietnam veteran is looking for a friend who shares some of his likes and dislikes and wants to share their life with someone who will actually listen and care. I made a serious mistake in the past, but I'm aware of what caused the problem and how to avoid future problems. I value a quality, respectful relationship and use intelligent communication, humor, and practical jokes to make life interesting.

I'm a slender, health-conscious person with a small spare tire who enjoys sports like bowling, skating, swimming, tennis, water and cross country skiing, and jogging (no violent or team sports). I do not drink, smoke, gamble, or use drugs. All animals hold a special place in my heart though I favor dogs and horses. My hobby interests include airplanes, big boats, art, model building, electronics, and computer programming. I learned how to cook, bake, crochet, and sew at a very young age and used those skills in prison to get better jobs. I have a severe sweet tooth for healthy foods like chocolate and black licorice, but anything sweet will do.

While in prison, I learned patience and tolerance for others and their bad behaviors. I received an associates degree from Jackson Community College and completed a home study course for veterinarian assistant. I've held clerk and tutor jobs, and I used my electronics degree to get work installing and repairing electronic equipment when I first came to prison. I also excelled in printshop operation and maintenance because of the education I received at Cherry Hill high school where I graduated in 1966.

I await your presence in my life. Write me or use You've tried the rest, now try the best. Till we meet!
George  Costiel # 142984
Lakeland Correctional Facility
141 First Street
Coldwater, MI 49036 USA
Non-Denominational/Raised Catholic
2nd Degree Murder
Uncertain (Served 41 Years)
Ad Start: 07-28-16
Ad Expiration:07-28-18