Tracey Carter
What's good ladies, 

As you can see they got a brother up in the jungle all couped up,  while sandwiched in between some stress and a lot of strain. My dark situation is so crazy, jacked up and outright outrages until I literally find myself grasping for air.

Fortunately a man can do his best thinking, So my mind is a place I often  venture into when needing to make my next move my best move. Especially to ease the burden like the nightmares I'm currently living. And there it is, my thoughts manifest the beauty released in a poetic justice type of way.

First I'd like to use the color of your eyes as the backdrop, and not just any… But your beautiful smile, we'll use that to illuminate the dark contours prison has spilled on the campus. Then in my minds eye and with the practice skill of a true artist, I'll create from your bubbly personna a field of flowers, each one of which represents the innate possibilities we can nurture.

Now, if by chance I have innocently made your day, then a comforting walk-through introduction should come easy to you. And surprising or not it would just as easily make my day.

No matter shape or fashion, age nor race I would like to hear from you all.
Sorry the only picture I have is 12 years old.

Tracey Carter
aka Mr Tux
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