Prison Pen Pals,
Greetings my special friends, I hope my profile puts a smile on your face, makes your day to trust & believe in me, I’m a solid sincere person seeking real friendship…

Let’s start by introducing myself.  I’m “Raul L. Maldonado II”.   I’m 43 yrs old, 5’6, I’m a Gemini so I have a bit of both worlds, good & a lil bad boy, LOL J/K, the good out-weighs the bad, I’ve gown, matured & humbled myself for a bigger righteous purpose.
I’m serving a 25 to life sentence for felony murder.  I’m up for the parole board completion of 25 in Dec. 2022.

I’m reaching out to social media now.  We have these tablets, seeking true friendship beyond these walls of confinement, help get me up to date and civilized for the free world.

Hobbies & studies; Working out, reading, study the word & the law, lil drawing, advocate for better change, criminal justice, prison reform and equality.  I want to explore adventure, hiking, camping, swimming, love the beach /ocean.  I guess becuz we don’t have one in Arizona. 
JHa, Ha, Ha

moral principles; Believes in God, honesty, loyalty, trustworthy, solid, sincere, must keep it 100% Always!!!

Dislikes; liars, bullies and those who are out to take advantage of others for selfish reasons & benefit, the fake!!!

If you can feel and relate to me and want to get to know the real me, don’t be shy, take a chance, you will not be disappointed until then, take care and God Bless.

Raul L. Maldonado II #14189
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Raul Maldonado # 141895
P O Box 3200
Buckeye   AZ   85326   USA
Raul Maldonado
Women, Friends
Release Date
Parole 12/09/2022
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