Aaron Johnson
What's up everybody ???

I want to start this letter off by  1st saying hello!  And properly introducing myself. My governor name is "Aaron Johnson" aka "Slim" but, a lot of my close friend & family just call me "AJ".

I'ma small-town country boi! Originally from new Boston, TX born & raised. However, before my incarceration at ADC I lived in a city called Texarkana, AR./TX. Which is a divided city by 2 states between Texas and Arkansas. I've lived there since about 2005 back when hurricane Katrina hit "H-town" well Houston, TX. To be exact which is also known as my 2nd home as well.

I must admit I'm not your everyday average typical type of "Black Man" please understand! I'm cut from a different fabric than the rest. I'm 100 ya feel me?! Far from conceited I'm just bein quite frank & real I'ma really down 2 earth & humble type of guy if you ever want to allow yourself to get to know me a bit better?! I'm smart! I'm funny! Athletic! & Above all I'm handsome! With a unique swag about myself. A few of my hobbies consist of making $$$, playing basketball, working out, video games, good movies, TV shows & a lot of sports center. Also love spending time with my wonderful kids!

Just in case you're wondering how I look here's a brief description of me. I'm exactly 6 ft. tall, 180 lbs., Slim basketball player built ripped, brown skin complexion, short curly hair with brown eyes. I am 32 years of age African-American/Native American. I've got nice tattoo work nonvisible with long sleeves! Hands, neck & face free! Also I've got open faced "gold teeth"inside my mouth Yep! Yep! I'ma "Lil fancy" but I guess anything else u'd like to know or see more about me you could just look me up on the ADC website or just write back & ask. I promise I'd be more than welcome to let you know. My communication window is open to anyone particularly that's willing to get to know me on a more general level & I'm just as anxious to learn about you as you probably are about me so please don't hesitate to write me! I will write back!

Sincerely, Slim

Aaron Johnson  # 141222
Grimes Unit
300 Corrections Drive   
Newport, AR 72112 USA
Women,Men Friends
African American Native American
1st° Battery
Release Date
10/15/21 Next Parole Date
Ad Start: 12-19-19
Ad Expiration:12-19-21