Antonio Jones
Antonio Jones  # 140858   
Varner Unit 2-78
P O Box 600    
Grady, AR 71644-0600 USA
My name is Antonio. Last name is Jones or you can just call me AJ if you would like. :)

I am 37 years old, also I'm a single black male with no children. My hobbies are reading, traveling, also sports and music and eating different types of food. I'm from Chicago, Illinois so I love cold weather. My dream place or city to live in Seattle, Washington. Because I like rain and cold.

I'm being truthful if you are wondering about my charges and why I'm in prison feel free to ask me. My charges is first-degree battery and attempted capital murder. I was selling drugs like cocaine, weed, also crack basically destroying people's lives also hanging around the wrong crowd of people that sooner or later would be my enemy and the reason I say this because somebody that I thought was my friend ended up getting shot in the face and paralyze because he got jealous and tried to rob me. I understand the rules of this game, because I was playing with death chasing that fast dollar. As I sit back in my cell I thank God every day because things could have went the other way I could have been dead. My plan after prison is not to sell dope no more, find a job.

Women, Donations
African American
1st° Battery Attempted Capital Murder
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