Larry Whitaker
To whom it may concern

First and foremost how is everybody doing my name is Larry, everybody calls me Chicken we going to get into why they call me that but anyway I'm 6 years into a 10 year bid right now.

I'm 29 years old. I have one child she is seven years old. I'm a single father that loves my child. Yes I'm in her life, takes real good care of her from in here… But a little bit about me.

I'm 5'11", brown skin low cut about 155, love to work out on my free time when I'm not in school. Love to stay in shape. I'm from Richmond, VA. I love to travel, cook, draw, clean, I'm a very clean person and like a clean woman also.

It's a good thing this website exists because it's not easy to reach out to the free world under these circumstances. The reason I say that is because I was one of them people.

I love to have fun very close with my family and can pretty much get along with anybody. During my free time I like to listen to music, email my daughter, draw, make cards, watch the news, look at movies sometimes and kick back and listen to my JP5 player for Rapper K.G.

My short-term goals are to continue my education and be released from prison. My long term goals are to become crime free and maintain that lifestyle and eventually I want to  own my own business without going into details there's a lot more I want you to know about me and can't wait to hear from you… I'm just looking for a woman who got her own. A productive type female who engaged me when we are out and about.
Larry Whitaker # 1407384
Sussex 2 State Prison
24427 Musselwhite Drive 
Waverly, VA 23891 USA
African American
2nd Murder Narcotics Sell Driving Offenses
Release Date
Ad Start: 12-20-18
Ad Expiration:12-20-19