Emmanuel Taylor
Emmanuel Taylor # 1406683  
Sussex 1 State Prison
24414 Musselwhite Drive  
Waverly, VA 23891 USA
In the name of  Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful.

Dear ladies,

In the name of Allaah, I write! First and foremost how is the most beautiful creations in this world doing?

I'm a 32 year old Puerto Rican, Colombian, Cherokee Indian and Black man. Originally from Newark, NJ but moved to Richmond, Virginia as a juvenile. I don't speak Spanish. I Sunni Muslim.

I've been locked up for almost 9 years now. I'm serving a double life sentence for 2 murders I was accused of. I'm currently fighting to get my freedom back, Allah's willing.

I consider myself an honest, truthful man. I have no secrets or skeletons in my closet. Since, I've been in prison I earned my GED and other trades. I currently got a job in the kitchen. I don't have no children of my owns. Would like to one day to start a family of my owns if my Lord bless me with my freedom back. I love children. They is a blessing for a man & woman.

I highly respect females. I never once put my hands on a female. All my trouble in life came from protecting females whether I knew them or not. I would like to know if there's any more honest women out there? One who would not let my time from keeping you to know me. You never know you might find all you was looking or with me. Life is all about choices. Sometimes we make the right ones and sometimes we make the wrong ones.

I don't have no preference, just a woman who got her head on straight in looking to build a future.

I'm looking forward to hearing from whoever is interested. Be safe! Stay positive! Pedre!

Mr.Abdul Muhaymin
Big Manny
African American, Hispanic
Sunni Muslim
Double Homicide
Release Date
Life (2X)
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