Hello, my name's Chris and I'm serving life (for now). There’s A LOT I could go on about within the usual ‘intro to my life’ but I'd prefer to just give you the invitation into my life. Besides spending my teens and my early twenties in the US Army, I had a few kids, one of which is my daughter who is very important in my life.

Who I am searching for is a good woman that knows what she's after and is not afraid to pursue it. What I seek is real and sincere dialogue without seeming to impose myself into anyone's life. All things told, I want someone who will enjoy my company as much as I enjoy theirs.

Presently, I am in a veteran’s care unit in Limon, Colorado where I work on my issues of incarceration while trying to be the kind of man who'd make his momma proud. By taking accountability for my errors and putting my best efforts forward towards improving the world around me, I feel I am re-proving myself to be a person worthy of being loved. If I can do at least one good thing for another person everyday, then I will build my life upon those right efforts in order to be trustworthy and kind.

If you ‘J-Pay’ write me, put a physical address with it so I can send you a letter because we are not tech savvy here in CDOC.


Chris Allen # 140299
Limon Correctional Facility
49030 Colorado Highway 71 South
Limon   CO   80826   USA
Chris Allen
Ad Start:  02-01-2024
Ad Expiration:  05-01-2025
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Native American
1st Degree Murder
Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence