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Dontae Jackson
Dear Reader,
Greedings, thank you for taking a moment to check out my profile. I understand there are so many profiles you could be reading but you chose this one. Since I have your attention there are a few things I would like you to know about me and my desire to connect with a woman.

I am from the inner city of Baltimore, MD. where I was raised within a small but close net family. Through my grandparents I learned love, respect and faith in God. Due to them investing those principles within me at a young age. I apply them to my day-to-day life. Those principles are my guiding post into friendships and relationships.

It's been a while since I connected with a woman or put in the time and energy needed to create and develop a communication that's worthy of a friendship or relationship. I set myself apart from any notion of a connection so that I may focus on myself and the things I need for my growth and development.

I am a man that prays and has strong faith. I apply myself to studying, working out/exercising, playing instruments and helping others. I enjoy listening to music, watching one movie before bed, adventures, wildlife and dogs.

I do not play emotional, intellectual or spiritual mind games. I am not a pushover, so I will speak my mind respectfully.

I would really like to connect with someone who is warm/caring, conscious minded, respectful to herself and others. Willing to open up and listen to the struggles of others, while embracing the newness that people, places and things bring.

Having a true friend can be the best gift in life. Now being 47 years of age I feel it's not good for me to be without companionship with a woman.

If you have heard/read something that sparks your interest send me a line and I will immediately respond with a big smile.

Thank you!

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