David Stevens
David Stevens # 1401700
Wise Correctional Unit #18
3602 Bear Lane
Coeburn   VA   24230   USA
My name is David Michael Stevens.  Friends call me Mike, short for Michael.  I’m at Wise Correctional unit near Bristol, TN.  I’m doing a sentence for distribution of Meth.  My original release was 2027, but thankfully new laws passed in 2020, so I’ll get released in 2024!

Well, I’m here looking for an Awesome, Funny, & Honest Woman!  I don’t talk to anyone except family.  So, honestly, I’m a little lonely!  I’m ready to start some new, positive friendships for a happy future and hopefully find a lady I can maybe settle down with one day.  I’m tired of my old life & all the people that were in it!

I work here as a cadre at another prison close to here, cleaning, unloading trucks, etc.  Nothing special!  I spend my free time working out daily.  I’m a big guy, 6’1”, 260 lbs.  I listen to my music a lot, a little of everything from Rob Zombie, Waylon Jennings to Cardi B!  I read a lot non-fiction.   I’m currently teaching myself Latin.  Other than that, life in here….well….sucks!  That’s why I need you!

On the street’s, I love to camp, snow ski, video games, etc.  I love to cook/grill!  I’ve worked at Japanese steak houses, seafood places and I’m really good!  Maybe I can show you one day!

You can contact me here at this address, but rather talk by Email through JPay.com or JPay app.  Just use my info to register online.  Also, I’m open to video visits, phone calls, whatever makes you smile!

Well, if you want a laugh and have a good conversation, I’m your guy!
Can’t wait to talk to you on JPay!

Native American
Distribution Schedule I/II
Release Date
Ad Start: 02-18-21
Ad Expiration:  02-18-22