Timothy Wright Jr
Timothy Wright Jr # 1400848
Green Rock Correctional Center
P O Box 1000
Chatham   VA   24531   USA
Hi, my name is Tim Wright Jr. and on Oct 5, 2008, I was convicted of a murder that I am innocent of. I am a U.S. Marine Combat Veteran, married to my amazing wife Danielle and father to one son.

I am specifically interested in a "sugar moma" or "sugar daddy" arrangement. My wife lives in Australia and is the sole care giver for her aging mother and I don't like being of any additional burden to her.  Additionally, she has limited ability to help me with the things her in the US.

You can learn more about me at www.innocence4tim.com and link into my social media from there. I am a open book and value honesty above all else. I cannot offer anyone, anything except true friendship, honesty, appreciation and communication. I can be reached by secure email by registrating at jpay.com or mail at: Tim Wright Jr. #1400848, GROC P.O. Box 1000 Chatham Va.24531 (3 pages & nothing else allowed).

I am educated with a background in business, law, autoCADD and I am currently continuing my education. I grew up in a religiously controlling conservative and rural home, served 2 yrs 2 months in the marines with 1 tour of combat duty in Iraq and spent the last 15 years in prison. I have been through mental health struggles, alcohol addiction, a failed 1st marriage, difficult family dynamics and the typical prison challenges.

Currently my greatest challenge is progressing my case for innocence and arranging my wife's immigration to the US. Both are costly and require alot of help from generous people willing to help us.

I hope my story speaks to you and I look forward to hearing from you.

With respect,
Tim Wright Jr.

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Ad Expiration:  10-12-2024
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