Karl Karlsen # 13B3743
Clinton Correctional Facility
P O Box 2000
Dannemora, NY  12929   USA
Karl Karlsen
Hi! My name is Karl Karlsen. I am looking to meet a friend and a possible relationship.  I truly am looking for a true friend. I have been a Christian all my life. Yes, I can say as we all have, I have doubted my religion at times. I will tell you a little about myself. I was born in upstate NY Geneva 1960.  I have many brothers and one sister and many nieces, nephews.  I have five children, eleven grandchildren.  I grew up farming and working in our snowmobile shop.
After I graduated high school, I enlisted in the USAF and obtained a top secret security clearance and built, repaired and replaced components of the largest nuclear weapon in the world.  I also transported these components as well, plus transported and installed these launch codes.  I was selected to test launch the ICBM nuclear missile Minute Man III out of Vandenberg CA.
When I left the military, I went to the University of Halifax, Nova Scotia for Blacksmith and Farrier school.  I raised Belgian Draft Horses and trained for work, play, horse shows and Pulling Competitions.  I can do plumbing, electrical, construction work, and I can use most all hand tolls. I am certified in heating, air conditioning and metal work.  I purchased my family farm and raised beef cattle, pigs, chicken, ducks, turkeys, riding horses.  I had a duck business that was featured on Cooking Network in 2012 that showed my farm and that I raised ducks for gourmet restaurants in NYC.
Up until my arrest at 52, I had no prior arrest or confrontations with the law, I am currently fighting my conviction and have 100% proof of my actual innocence. If you care to know not only the facts but the documented proof please write me.  I am a (military vet now disabled) but I look 50 not 60 I take care of myself. I come from a good family and have disappointed not only my children and family but myself by taking a plea deal.
I am looking for a friend that can accept me, support me and possibly help me fight my case by any means possible, by having computer knowledge and possibly minimum financial help if you choose to.  I have told many people actions speak louder than words.  So, don’t believe what I say it’s what I can prove and I can.  I want my life back, my children, family and friends. I need to prove to everyone a truly innocent man is in prison.
But more so I really would like your support by any means a friend is so important, more than I had ever realized prior to my arrest.  I pray all the time for my health and hope someone can look beyond what the media says and prints.  If you can be open minded and just ask, I will answer truthfully.  As lying proves nothing and it’s not me.  Please write to know more and me.
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Depraved Indifference - 2nd Degree Murder
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