Cody Breshears
34, SWM, 6 ft., 225  lbs., Brown hair, blue eyes.

I am a nerd. I watch Family Guy, South Park, Invader Zim and every other adult humor cartoon out there. I play video games, RPG, RTS, FPS, OMG yes! It's true I have invested far too much time than can be considered healthy playing World of Warcraft and I've not yet caught all the Pokémon, but I refuse to get discouraged. After all, the fun in gaming isn't located at the finish line, it's made with friends along the way.

My profession and passion in life is working with computers. I prefer gaming on computer but I also own every console for fear I might miss out on an epic night of gaming with friends.

Something about myself not many people know? I learned how to cook in our nation's top culinary arts school. Yes, also a food nerd. I like to show everyone how delicious their favorite foods taste when made using fresh ingredients.
If you enjoyed reading my profile we're going to get along famously. Now it's your turn so grab your pen and put it to paper. Show me your inner nerd.

Cody Breshears # 1391722
Avery Mitchell Correctional
600 Amity Park Road
Spruce Pine, NC 28777 USA
Women, Friends
3rd Degree Sex Exploitation
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