Rowland Fuller
Hello world! And what's up to you as well. I'm glad you decided to take it a step further after seeing my picture.

I've been in prison going on  6 years for committing 2 armed robberies. They say you live and you learn and I'm definitely learning. Now that that's out of the way; we can get into the good stuff :)

I'm an outgoing, spur of the moment, and very unique individual. I enjoy living life to the fullest as well as relaxing at the crib while having a few drinks. I love shooting pool, bowling, fishing, going to the park, the movies, bars, clubs, and parties. I'm a people person and fit right in any crowd or setting I'm around. I'm also a very loyal, dependable, honest and real individual and I look for the same traits in the people I deal with.

By joining this site I'm opening the door to meet people from all walks of life. Any age, race, or size. Honesty is key for me and that's all I ask for. If you keep it all the way real and uncensored with me, then we'll get along just fine :) I'm looking forward to building some meaningful friendships.

What I'm not looking for is love or a girlfriend. True love is extremely hard to find and results in heartbreak and suffering 99% of the time. I'm not trying to go through any one of these :) when it comes to finding love my luck is no good :)

It would be cool to meet some new people from different states and countries and possibly come across each other in the future upon my release. Traveling is one of my main goals when I'mI free and I definitely could use a special "tour guide :)

If I interest you, interest me ":)
Rowland Fuller # 1388630
Albemarle Correctional Institution
P O Box 460
Badin, NC 28009 USA
African American
Armed Robbery
Release Date
Ad Start: 08-30-18
Ad Expiration:08-30-20