Carl Botello
Hello, my name is Carl but most people call the  "Bo" short for my last name. 

I am currently serving a 15 year sentence or simple assault. I am on my last year of sentence. Next year I will be a free man!

My reason for getting on this site is because I want to meet new people, make connections and hopefully make enduring friendships along the way. Also to share some laughs and just be goofy once in a while.

During these crazy times with this Covid 19 one can use all the smiles and good that can come from another's companionship.

About myself… I'm easy to get along with, I'm definitely not judgmental. I'm a laid-back person, I am a believer in God. I enjoy the outdoors and building things with my hands. I'm 5'7", 170 lbs. and I work out a lot. In this place there's not much else to do. I also read a lot.

About the two pictures I'm posting. The one where I'm in the free world is from 2015 (brief parole). I was holding my grandson. The other one is from 2016 in prison clothes. I still look the same.

I can't think of anything else to put into this intro so if you have any questions about whatever I will be open and honest. Ask me anything. I'm not shy and not into playing games.

I encourage whoever is reading this to write me. There is nothing to lose and only a friend to gain.

Thank you for your time.

Carl Botello # 1385573
Eastham Unit
2665 Prison road # 1   
Lovelady, TX 75851 USA
Simple Assault
Release Date
Ad Start: 10-15-20
Ad Expiration:10-15-21