Jay Martin
Jay Martin # 1376610
Wallace Unit
1675 S FM 3525
Colorado City   TX   79512   USA
Bearded Brawny Bi TX Bear!

Hi! Do you need someone in your life who is a true friend, and will ALWAYS be there for you???   If so WRITE ME!

I am  a Versatile Bisexual, A total bear and very masculine.

I am looking for good friends and am very open to more with the right guy. I
am not interested in a romantic relationship with females, though I would love good friends of any age, race, or orientation. I am white but absolutely open-minded and am not prejudiced in the slightest. I am also not “out” but plan on coming out upon leaving here. I am 47 but fit and very young at heart + body.

I am into working out, reading, motorcycles, art, cooking, gardening, hanging out, cuddling up on the couch and watching movies and tattooing.  I would love to draw for you, or Tat you up when I get home. I'm a beast with it!  I was tattooing for a living when I got locked up and am generally artistically inclined and good with my hands. I am a good person, brutally honest, cynically witty, fun loving and shy at first, but outgoing and rambunctious when I am comfortable with you! I am alone in prison, at the moment, with no free world contest. No family left, since I lost my grandpa a few years ago. I desperately need people in my life.

If you write me,  I will always write back and always be there for you. If you are there for me.  I will always be there for you. I can make phone calls and receive letters, through JPay also…(a text letter APP). I need friends or people who care about me.

I need someone to care about. I don't have a lot to offer as a partner at the moment, except for unconditional love, true friendship, fun phone calls, cool art in the mail and lots of tattoos in your future…LOL.

But I am a true friend. And if you write you won't regret it.  So… if you're lonely, And need someone in your life.  Write me! Please!

Ad Start: 04-07-22
Ad Expiration:  04-07-23
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