Richard Stingley
So I am going to start this out just like any other letter I may write.

My name is Rick. I am 41 and have been in prison for the last 17 years. I have only 2 years left till I go home and 18 months once I get halfway house.

In life we make choices for better or worse and that is what I have done over the years. I want to remedy that and actually look at an outcome for what it truly is and not what I want it to be.

The reason I am doing this pen pal thing is because I would like to find someone who I can connect with and have good conversations with. Someone who is willing to look beyond my past and see me for the man I am today. I know it is hard to gauge a person by an introduction letter but if you give me the opportunity maybe you will be pleasantly surprised.

You will see that I am funny, kind, loyal and love my family. I have had days like anyone else but I truly look at the bright side of life for the most part.

I want you to know that a letter always brightens my day. So I hope you decide to write and be the thing that makes me happy today.

Well until pen meets paper once again your new found friend Rick.

For the time being I can only receive snail mail!

Richard Stingley # 13730-026
U S P Beaumont
P O Box 26030
Beaumont   TX   77720   USA

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