Hi, my name is Chloe.  I’m an Asian-American, Pan-sexual, trans woman of Japanese, Spanish and Filipino descent doing time at Oregon State Penitentiary for a sex crime.  I’ve been here for eleven years and have four left which is why I’m looking for new friends.
I grew up in Ventura, a quiet surfer town in Southern California which is probably why I have a thing for blond, blue eyed guys.  (I’m really open to all) out of college in LA, I worked as a design assistant to a men’s belt manufacturer then as a fashion watch designer in Hong Kong and LA.  I ended up moving to Sweden, marrying my Swedish college sweetheart and being house daddy to my two beautiful daughters.  After seven years in Europe and a divorce, I came back, relocating to Eugene, Oregon, where I worked my way up to head waiter at a high end Japanese Restaurant.  I also lived in Portland for a bit doing displays at the downtown Meier of Frank Department store.

Since coming to prison, my spirituality (Buddhist/Hindu) has become an integral part of my life.  I’m a complete bookworm and a total Foodie.  Stimulating my five senses are important and I’m happiest when my surroundings visually are aesthetically pleasing and it smells good (scented candles), music is equally important; from alternative like Glass Animals and Billie Eillish, Jazz and Billie Holiday, classical from back to Segovia and Deep House and Ambient (Love Dancing).

In 300 words that covers it.  I look forward to meeting new friends and possibly more.


Chloe Wakabayashi # 13704705
Oregon State Penitentiary
2605 State Street
Salem   OR   97310   USA
Chloe Wakabayashi
Sex Abuse, Sodomy
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