Omar Ali
Omar Ali # 135845   
Grimes Complex 
300 Correction Drive     
Newport, AR 72112  USA
My name is Omar Hakeem Ali.

I am looking for a woman pal that believes in God, that have love, care and concern that will be willing to help me help us. Also in this HTK help the kids movement I have created. That includes to pushes us to making money moves.

I am looking for a penpal that will listen to me as I will do the same to her, a woman that is strong-minded, that is supportive, that has her pal back through the rain, sleet, snow and sunny. That do not judge the day by the weather. A pal that's going to ride with you through the good, bad and ugly. A pal that going to be by your side, that keeps a positive attitude that shows nothing more than a step to a stepper.

To be a friend is the pal I need, I want and looking for to contact me so we can elevate. Don't wait pick up your pen today. Don't settle for less, pal up with me and get the best.

6'4" tall, handsome, light brown skin, pretty brown eyes, daily growing mind, body and soul. God is the greatest.
Women, Donations, Legal Help
African American
Possession of Controlled Substance
Release Date
Ad Start: 01-16-20
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