Ronald Worthy
As I stood on the mountain top overlooking the horizon, I felt a sense of Triumph of Victory and Freedom! I had prevailed over fear, anxieties,depression, over all illness!!
Below Sprawled across the battlefield bound by eternity, were remnants of Fallen psych, I could smell the sulfur yet, I was able to muster a smile because it was then I realized I grasped what had occurred. and the possibilities of what would flourish, now that  those obstacles had perished!
Hello world! On the day when you’ve first read these words I hope you're “alive”, living, enjoying each breath because “I am” and, there's no other Joy like this, to know you're alive! I am in search of “life” because we are “life forms” living to please ourselves and others! So it would be pleasing to discover a few pulses, maybe a couple “Heart Beats”?
Who I’m in search of most are you, yes you, whom decided to click on to this pen pal site, it’s you my friend,whom may very well suffer from some form of “mental illness” and that alignment is "face to face” with me, in this moment! Write those words, be my guest, go ahead, write them in response to all I’ve stated! Shall we descuss those “issues” which bind you? I shall respond and serve as the support which you so desperately seek in this occupied yet, very lonely world!  I myself have suffered from mental illness, self-harm, hurting others mentally as well as physically!  So I'm very familiar with those monsters and, I’ve come to realize that most times the only medication, sedative, suitable is someone who understands, who relates, who listens!  You have to do your part by “meaning what you're saying”  by really wanting to be Heard!
We can't be ashamed or afraid to open up, be open and honest even though we're strangers because, this is surly for the reason, the righteous cause and, that cause is to  “uncaged your voice” and release that positive energy from you into the same world that appears to have rejected you and, this my friend is “True Revolution” may we continue in our progression ‘live today’, I shall speak with you tomorrow, until then..
Mr. Ronald L. Worthy Sr.

Ronald Worthy # 1350934
French Robertson Unit
12071 FM 3522
Abilene   TX   79601   USA

Ad Start: 11-04-21
Ad Expiration: 11-04-22
African American, Native American
Native American
capital Murder (Party Law)
Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence
Parole Eligible 2043