Antonio Devereaux
Antonio Devereaux # 13480940
82911 Beach Access Road
Umatilla   OR   97882   USA
You know I've found it intriguingly hard to describe who I am to others, especially someone I would like to introduce into my life as a genuine friends who you are is only defined by who you ask. If you ask the individual you would like to know, you can always assume they will speak highly of themselves, so let me be “honest” as possible, of course you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

People often say I look and respond attentively and receptive. I am very supportive with an open smile. I love to give verbal and nonverbal her feedback that serves to encourage people to be open with me, trusting with me and able to absorb as helpful. I'm normally not aggressive in offering my ideas and opinions but will listen and welcome yours. Adamant about expressing feelings, values and ideas and enjoy to create new opinions about goals and long range aspects of feelings.

I believe my picture speaks for itself on appearance. My intentions are not to look for someone to complete me, rather, someone I can share my completeness with. I am aware I can be changed by what happens to me incarceration, yet I refuse to be reduced by it. On this website I would like to create new friendships that can flourish into whatever we put our minds to. I do have one question. Do you believe just because one is incarcerated for making poor decisions, they don't deserve to be loved and cared for and celebrated instead of tolerated and forgotten?

Give me a chance to really know you and I will do the same. I would love to know your thoughts and your definition of a real friend, because I am still in search for that experience.

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