Carl K. Conner
Carl K Conner # 13451-085   
P O Box 5000  
Sheridan, OR 97378 USA
I am looking for a women who is beautiful on the inside and outside., just a plus.

Someone to share the rest of my life with and maybe marry. I have never been married. A woman that is on top of things and has her life in order. I need someone to help keep me centered .

I am energetic and think thats when I seem to get in trouble . I need a woman to remind me everyday that I am loved and that there is a better life for me . A woman who will love me for  for who I am . 

I am kind and loving .I love to spend time with my family and helping my mom around her place ,getting firewood and making repairs . I enjoy fishing ,riding my go-cart and hiking. My colors are black, gray, and white. I love pizza , B B Q ,Ribeye steak and prawns . I also love to cuddle on the couch and watch movies and  H B O Game of Thrones .I am 5'10 and weight is 180 and tattoos all over.  I got most of them in prison . I work in heavy equipment tires,small all the way to huge earth mover tires . I did that work for about 15 years .  I also am a mechanic  specializing in front end alignments , all wheel alignments , front end rebuilds and brakes .  I have built houses from the ground up ,cut firewood so I am pretty much of a jack of all trades .  

I love to make love and keep my lady happy . I play the guitar  and whoever comes to sweep me off my feet ,I will write a song for her .
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Summer 2018
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