Nathan Lees
I'm like a suduko puzzle. 

I'm a little confusing and hard to figure out at first, when you put the puzzle down you can't help but to pick it back up to figure it out. When you do figure it out you just want more. That was told to me recently. It's the only time I've been compared to a puzzle.

My name is Nate and I'm serving a 16 year sentence for organized crime in the state of Colorado. I am different than anyone you will meet. I like to take chances, I believe in fate, I don't know who will write me but who ever it is I hope that your like-minded and when you look at my picture you can see past the prison number and want to know what kind of person hides behind those eyes.

I challenge you to a puzzle.

Please make sure to include a return address so I can respond to yur letter, or contact me via Connect
Thank you
Nathan Lees # 134275
Sterling Correctional Facility
P O Box 6000
Sterling, CO 80751 USA
Women, Friends
Release Date
02/13/29 Parole 02/13/21
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Ad Expiration:08-17-18