Traer Tisdale
Traer Tisdale # 1340637
Keen Mountain Correctional Center
P O Box 860
Oakwood   VA   24631   USA
Peace world!

If you’re reading this ad we may share some things in common, if not. I’m thankful you even took the time to read my ad.  My name is Traer. I’m a 40 year old Virgo from Hampton, Va.

I've long held the belief that I’m unworthy of any type of friendship or companionship because of my obvious circumstances. I realize now, it’s not human to be alone because in company you find sincere friendships and companionship.

Alone is a place. I no longer desire In ShaAllah. I’m eager and optimistic, someone sincere and non-judgemental will select me as a friend to embark on a new friendship. Is that you?

Please be accepting to my reality and not be discouraged by it, because I am not.  I’m a mentally engaging person, so I seek the same energy. I’m motivated to not letting my past define me. Having good company, I believe is therapeutic to the soul and also a factor to reaching that goal. Once you get to know me, you’ll see I’m good hearted, just made a few bad choices.

I’m very humble and transparent. I believe honesty and communication is key to any relationship. I’m very caring, understanding, a good listener and goofy at times.  I love sports, music, fashion, reading, kids and the mission of becoming a refined human being.

I’m not exclusive in the company I seek, either. I’m diverse. I believe all women are Allah’s gift to man. And all are unique and beautiful.
You are completely safe with me being yourself.

Before you judge me, understand my story, and see why I’m striving for glory.  Any woman, sincere and mature who is interested in an authentic friendship, email me at

Come and see what your Virgo boy is about.

Ad Start: 02-17-22
Ad Expiration:  02-17-23
Women, Friends
African American
Islam - Sunni Muslim
1st Degree Murder
Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence
Unknown At This Time