Robert White
Robert White # 1336918
Tabor Correctional Institution
P O Box 247
Phoenix   MD   21131   USA
If I’m being totally honest I was undecided for a while about doing this pen pal thing. Wasn’t expecting to get any results because I feared being overlooked, judged or rejected, so I never tried. On the other hand though, I know I'm not always right. So why not give  it a shot and leave that up to you. I wondered, could a sentimental guy like me really make a meaningful connection this way? Are you really feeling what I’m feeling right now, or are you scrolling through this merely because you're bored?

My 2 non negotiable goals are:  #1 I want a new life, and #2 I want a future that doesn’t involve my past.

Now at 28, empty handed, with nothing and nobody, I'm ready to have that normal, healthy life that I've always wanted. If you can come along without hindering or violating any of that then you are welcome and invited.

Drop me some lines, I won't waste your time. Finding the one would answer a lot of prayers, but it's not a mandatory must, friendships are great too,
I’m humble, down to earth, loyal, hard working, funny and caring.

At heart I’m just a down home country boy. I’m not Prince Charming, I’m Prince Farming (LOL).

I’m looking to meet new people, make new connections, and hopefully to relocate eventually.

I get out in 2023.

Thank you for all your time, effort and consideration.

Respond soon, I’ll be waiting . . .

Ad Start: 06-02-2022
Ad Expiration:  07-02-2023
Assault W/Deadly Weapon
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