Christopher Williams

I'm really grateful for those of you who are taking the time to read my website page introduction and willing if possible to help assist me with whatever they feel would be helpful in my continual quest to obtain freedom and proclaim my innocence with legal materials.

I'm looking forward to receiving legal documents that could be redacted such as:
1. Motions or pleadings.
2. Writing of facts
3. Complaints and answers/amended complaints
4. Discovery motion
5. Practice books and Connecticut state laws/including statues
6. Practice books in federal courts role/and statues
7. Interrogatories
8. Connecticut General statute book-volume 13

Currently, I'm still within the state Habeas Corpus stage and may have to release counsel because of conflicting representation so I'm interested in dismissal of counsel and replacement of counsel is a great interest. So please send whatever you could along that line "Redacted" for example. Also, looking into my example of Federal File Petitions of a Habeas Cropus. Dealing with "actual innocence"using the equitable tolling under the Prison Litigation Reform Act. And including motions for appointment of counsel, briefs and whatever is effective in overcoming the barriers set by the P.L.R.A.

So That until then take care and God bless.
Christopher Williams  # 132365
Osborne Correctional Institution 
335 Bilton Road P O Box 100   
Somers, CT 06071  USA
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Murder Assault Possession of a Gun
Release Date
Ad Start: 09-17-20
Ad Expiration:09-17-21