Jeremiah Burkhart

My name is Jeremiah Burkhart. I am from Hinesville, GA but was raised in Brunswick, GA and along the east coast up until I caught my (federal) conspiracy to distribute 1.5 kg-5 kg of Methamphetamine and drug trafficking charges out of Lincoln, Nebraska.

I am recently separated and soon to be divorced. I adore being a father and friend to my children while watching them become the amazing souls they are meant to be.

I am looking for some positive friendships that have the potential to evolve into something we can be proud of. I want to be a success story and not a statistic. I have spent a lifetime doing the wrong things with the best intentions only to figure out that I have missed out on some of the best moments of my life and walked by some of the greatest friendships I could have ever hoped for in my life. I don't have a specific type of woman I look for in being my friend or companion, but I love to laugh and smile rather than argue and fight. Shallowness is very unattractive to me and having confidence in yourself is the key to opening up the doors to my heart. Honesty, loyalty and trust are my holy grail and supremely vital in becoming my friend and someone I could love and lean on.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who could become a positive part of the new chapters of my life and help me turn the pages of negativity I already know into something better and brighter that we can use to navigate the passages of our newfound friendship and lives.

I love the outdoors in all aspects hunting, fishing, and camping. Any beach is my solace being out on my surfboard my church. My hobbies are working out, playing sports, cooking on a grill/kitchen for friends and family, watching sunsets from a dam or beachfront. Just enjoying peace by myself or with someone close to my heart.

Thank you for your time and patience hopefully a kindred spirit and new friend.
Jeremiah Burkhart 31087-047
2680 Highway 301 South
Jesup, GA 31599 USA

Women, Friends
Irish, Italian, Hawaii, Pacific Island
Spiritually Open
Conspiracy to Distribute 1.5 kg.-5kg
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