Efrain Perez
I'm not going to lie, sometimes it becomes difficult to visualize some kind of future for me outside of prison.  My thoughts are that maybe I will get out and still have some productive years left in me.  Maybe I will get out when I'm old, or maybe I will die in prison.  Whatever the case may be, I understand such floundering thoughts are also part of my punishment.

You might laugh at this, but if you're looking for the bad boy thing, I'm certainly not the one.  However, if you're curious about the prison experience or even my story (everybody has a story), we can have nice and interesting conversations.  Look, I used to complain a lot, and for many years my immaturity played the victim role.  You know, somehow you find a way to avert responsibility and blame others or things.  When I was 17 years old, my co-defendants and I, committed a horrible crime and the maximum penalty was given to us.  I blamed it on my youth, the influence of co-defendants, a bad neighborhood, even my government.  But, it was, a terrible mistake and out of character.  Something I wish had never happened, but sadly it did, and it's there and it will always be there.  Along with it are the things I have to deal with; the hurt, the shame, the guilt, and whatever punishment is yet to come.

I spent 12 years on death row.  It was an ordeal.  To this day I cannot believe how lucky I was to have gotten out of that place.  I wasn't too crazy about this life sentence, but at least it has the possibility for parole (whatever that means).  In the meantime, every new year on that first dark morning it becomes quite the solemn thing for me as I reflect, I regret, I embrace the good with the bad and I keep moving forward.  I have now been in prison 24 years.  At the moment I attend college and I'm grateful for the opportunity.  I live in an era where trying to reform a prisoner through education is not such a taboo thing.  The plan is to attend a university once I'm done here.  A couple of semesters more and I'm done.  I juggle school, work, and somewhere in there I can write a letter or use the phone.

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Efrain Perez # 1306199
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