Ralph Redding
Dear Ladies:

I hope all is well. My name is Ralph, but I rather you call me Ralphie it rolls off the tongue better (LOL). I'm 29 years old, from New Rochelle, NY. My personal story is real at times sarcastic, different, emotional. I love hard. As you could see, I'm a Cancer. But there;s more to me, so if I strike a feeling, don't be shy.

At the moment I am single, looking for someone who could make things a little better, if you act right (LOL). Seriously, though, there are so many things I find attractive in a woman, but loyalty is the most important.  I respect my independent ladies. If you have these characteristics, you are the real definition of a woman.
But if I could accept your flaws, which we all have, I know it's something about the person. So, on that note. Later.

P.S. Nothing makes a man feel better than a woman. A queen who's down for whatever, you could be my angel and my lady. We could make war or make babies. Back when I was nothing, you made a brother feel like he was something. 
Ralph Redding # 12A0924   
Collins Correctional Facility
P O Box 340  
Collins, NY 14034-0340 USA
African American
Burglary Innocent
Release Date
Ad Start: 11-02-17
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