James McCoy

My name is Jim and I need someone for friendship and more. I am 57 years old and have been in prison for 14 years or something that may have happened 27 years ago when I was drunk. I really do not remember. I have not had a drink in 19 years. One felony in my whole life. Today I focus on God and getting myself out of prison.

I was charged and prosecuted long after the statue of limitations had expired. I am working on getting the courts to address that. I think God put me here to give me some instruction and am grateful for that. I know that I am a different person today. There was a real emptiness without God in my life.

I have stayed in the law books and am a pretty fair paralegal. I am also continued to study business in college and on my own. I had a ceramic tile contracting business before prison. I am excited about my plans for a different business when I make parole. Before that, I was an avionic technician for 18 years. Join the Navy on my 17th birthday. Honorably discharged after four years.

I was born in San Diego, California and was stationed there in the Navy. Hope to return some day. I was married for 15 years. Have four grown children. We are estranged. I grew up in Corpus Christi doing the cotton eye Joe at the yellow Rose. I love rock 'n roll too.

Hope to find someone who will let me cry on their shoulder once in a while. Someone that will keep writing. I expect to be released soon. I just need someone. Any age, race.

James McCoy  # 1299701
Michael Unit
2664 FM 2054  West
Tennessee Colony, TX 75886 USA
Friends, Legal Help
Caucasian Native American
Orthodox Christian
Aggravated Sexual Assault
Release Date
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Ad Expiration:05-24-19