Jessie Buckey
Man Candy Alert!

Whether you call it fate, destiny or maybe you just fell asleep on your keyboard but, whatever brought us this moment together I'm grateful  & hopeful for the possibilities…

I've spent a lot of years in prison. My ignorance & poor loyalties gave me every opportunity to be an a**hole. I wasted what seems like an entire lifetime struggling for goals & acceptance fueled by negative reinforcement & the culture of a caged environment. Only to discover I was a man w/o hope and a destiny for death row… Then reality slapped me in the face & became accountable for my own destiny & refuse to allow this place or anyone to compromise my morals or define my character. I stopped living in a negative's & being a blight on society.

I've now spent many years free inside his caged hell. A man standing alone w/a grateful spirit & an encourage future. I've shunned all toxic friendships, negative influences & detrimental behaviors to become a support to my family & inspiration to those who struggled w/a troubled path and show that life can be more than destruction & locked in a cage.

I'm going to be released in 6 years & looking to find someone to hold my heart & share my soul. I'm a man of worth & dignity and the only thing missing is the love & care of a good woman…

I believe life is an adventure best journey w/ someone who can be uninhibited, honest & goofy w/o shame or restraint & for me that intimacy is everything.
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Aggravated Assault on Law Enforcement
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