Matthew Mann
Hey everyone!  My name is Matthew, my  friends call me Matt. I'm 43 years old, 5’7”, 195 lbs (med build), brown hair, green eyes, Hispanic-White-Native American.

My hobbies consist of anything outdoors. I love fishing, especially in rivers (I wish I could fish for a living!), camping, hiking and just being in the mountains.
I'm a city boy at heart. I love being downtown Denver day or night just taking it all in. Restaurants and shopping during the day and clubs and dancing all night. I'm a dancing machine. I love to dance to all music, especially Regaton, all Latin and yes a little country. One of my favorite things to do is get in the car and go for long drives cruising to music.

I had my own remodeling business in Boulder, Colorado, so I love DIY projects.

I worked on oil rigs for 4 years, 3 as a motor man (Best job ever!).  Prior to that I built bridges for a big construction company for 10 years.I also have my associates in culinary arts and a broker license to sell real estate in Colorado.

I have a lot of tattoos, all professionally done.  My favorites are the ones on the palms of my hands. I like piercings, too.  I have my ears Oo Gauge,  snake bites in my lips,  and a scoop through my tongue.

I love going to concerts, especially heavy metal.  Some of my favorites are Lola Black, Korn, Godsmack, Metallica, and Megadeth.  There's so many I've seen! Feeling the screams and the bass in my chest. There's nothing like it.

I'm looking for someone to make a connection with, a friend and or relationship.  I'm all in.

Look, being locked up gets lonely at times.  I spend most of my time in my own head having to mask all my feelings and thoughts.  Some days it gets exhausting putting on this facade of being cold and heartless.  Just so no one tries to take advantage.  I have a big heart.  I'm funny, smart, full of energy, and compassionate.  Just to name a few attributes. 

I want to meet someone who's outgoing, compassionate and that's not afraid to let their guard down.

I've been down for 4 years now and honestly have about 7 more to go.

I love to paint on canvas with acrylic and I also take correspondence courses at Adams State University for a bachelor's in sociology.  I keep myself pretty busy.

I really would love to have a special woman in my life. So take a leap, take a chance, you won't be disappointed.

Let's get to know each other and see where this roller coaster of life takes us.

I don't have any internet access, so please reply with a written letter or JPay (JPay comes the next day) and please leave your address! Don't pass up this opportunity!

Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you real soon.

Matthew Mann # 128535
Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility
P O Box 1010
Canon City   CO   81215   USA

November 2021
First Mural On Handball Court
October 2021
September 2021
At A Lola Black Concert
Crusin Around
American / Old English Mix "Beast"
My Baby Cadillac CT5
My New Venture
First Acrylic Painting
Tag Attempt
Watercolor Pencil
Watercolor Pencil
Color Pencil, Marker Mix Media
Watercolor, Graphite
Ad Start: 12-23-21
Ad Expiration: 12-23-22
Native American,
1st Degree Assault w/ Deadly Weapon
Release Date
11/2048 MRD