Rene Guerra
Hello there,  

As you read this introduction I hope that it finds you and your loved ones in the best of health and spirits. If I come off as being timid please forgive me, for this is a new experience for me, therefore I may be a bit shy.

I have realistic expectations as I would consider it to be a difficult task to write a introduction letter to someone you don't know who is in prison.

I made a horrible decision in a split second that cost me my freedom and I live with that every day. I can't and I won't let that decision define who I am as a man. Many have and will continue to judge me by my cover but there is more to me than meets the eye. I strive to better myself every day in every way possible, it's a work in progress.

Although I've been in prison since the age of 18, I don't let my environment discourage me from keeping a smile on my face. I try to laugh as much as possible, it's the key to passing time. I'm not the serious type, only when it's needed. I'm a very open and honest person, I believe honesty to be my best quality and key to any friendship.

I'm looking for a friend who might share similar qualities as me. I don't judge or discriminate against anyone, I wish to meet people from different walks of life. The worst part of freedom is of course losing your freedom but the boredom and the thirst for communication from the outside world leaves me feeling lonely at times. I know I sound pathetic but the feeling is real.

I have no kids which is bittersweet considering my situation, I do keep in touch with my niece and nephews because they mean the world to me.

I'm looking for more of a long-term friendship to have a chance to really get to know someone. I hope that the amount of time I have doesn't intimidate you from getting the chance to know me.

With that being said I hope to catch the interest of a true friend. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this.

Rene Guerra # 128323
P O Box 777
Canon City, CO 81215 USA

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