Kyle Dillon
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I was a fire support specialist, a forward observer for the field artillery calling in grid coordinates for the artillery to shoot at. Being able to read a map was a must and like all man I never have to ask for directions. South Korea was my only overseas tour back in June '01-June '02.

For the most part I'm ISO friends to correspond with and intelligent conversation which I don't get very much of in here. Most smart people tend to stay out of this place.

My interest/pastime/hobbies are many and varied and include but are not limited to homesteading, gardening, animals, reading, writing, conspiracies, philosophy, astronomy, nature and working with my hands. Role playing games like D&D, Pathfinder and Star Wars provide most of my entertainment and give me some down time from studying/practicing civil law to protect my rights.

Far more than anything else I read, for entertainment and education and am always looking for more books to add to the few I have. I can honestly say that I am more intelligent than I was when I got incarcerated and am looking forward to putting my knowledge to good use to be successful upon my release.

Working hard and getting dirty appeals to me, which is why I enlisted as a combat solider, no pushing pencils for me. The outdoors has always been preferably to me over being cooped up inside all day.I love to eat too much to be so sedintary. You know that the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach and I'm no exception to that rule. The kitchen is my favorite room in the house, and I love to cook.

I look forward to hopefully corresponding with you soon friend.

Blessed be.
Kyle Dillon # 1268995
Coffield Unit
2661 FM 2054
Tennessee Colony, TX 75884 USA
Women, Men, Friends, Donations, Legal Help
Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon
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Max 07/01/24
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