Kyle Dillon
I'm an Army Veteran ISO friends to correspond with to exchange interesting conversation.  My interests are many in varied and are not limited to:
Movies:  Action, historical, military, fantasy sci-fi, animated, anime, and comedy.
Books: Science, politics, Sci-fi, fantasy, history, military and law.
Music: No polka please.  My radio‚Äôs on 24/7.
Food: Pizza, ribs, pasta and baked goods.

Other interests of mine include horticulture,sewing, building and navigation.  My time in the service made me great at map reading and unlike other men I really don't ever have to ask directions. I took a college horticulture course due to my interest in gardening for substance and graduated with 6 A's and 1 B.  Plants can be very interesting.

Animals are another passion of mine. My home growing up was a miniature zoo with dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles and rodents.  We even had a pair of tortoises and a rabbit once.  There wasn't room for anything larger or we'd've probably had horses too. I've always loved horses. My mom had Appaloosa but they lived with a friend. Living in here with no pets just feels so odd.

California is where I was born and raised. The military brought me to the Lone Star State to be stationed on Fort Hood and now I'm stuck here with no friends or family in the state.

Mail call is easily the loneliest time of day here so your correspondence would be very welcomed. As long as you provide an address I promise you a response to your letter

I can receive e-messages through but please include an address in case of technical (user error) difficulties in responding.

Also, messages can take a couple of days to go through sometimes.

Kyle Dillon

Kyle Dillon # 1268995
Ellis Unit
1697 FM 980
Huntsville   TX   77343   USA
Women, Men, Friends
Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon
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Max 07/02/24
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