Kyle Dillon
Greetings and salutations friend.

Thank you for showing an interest in my profile and let me assure I will respond to all letters received. If you write via include an address or I will not be able to write back.

In writing to me you will get conversation on nearly any topic you would wish to discuss with timely responses to your correspondence. I love to read material from numerous subjects and while I do not know everything about anything I know a little about a lot.

A few things you may find of interest about me are that I am ex-army. I have a college certificate for landscaping and nursery management and building/assembling stuff is a specialty of mine.

My zodiac sign is Gemini and in many ways that describes my presonality and character. Other interests of mine include movies and music. Having music on in the backround all the time gives me the soundtrack to my life, gotta have my music. Anything from Cindy Lauper to Metallica, my tastes are very eclectic.

Mail call is  easily the loneliest time of the day in here especially for someone like myself who has no friends or family in the state to come visit. I came to Texas to be stationed on Fort Hood where I dischaged from the military and got incarcerated 1 1/2 months later. I am ISO friends and kindred spirits to share thoughts and ideas with in intelligent discussion, a meeting of minds.

If you would like to find letters for you in the mail as much as I do drop me a line and introduce yourself. I would be honored to hear from you. I hope to be corresponding with you soon.

Blessed be friend.
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Tennessee Colony, TX 75884 USA
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