Kyle Dillon
Merry meet friend and thank you for showing interest in my profile.

I'm  ISO friends who would like to have good intelligent conversation, of which I don't get too much of in here as intelligent people stay out of this place. I'm willing to correspond with anyone who can respect that I'm straight and a nerd and will respond to all letters received. Of particular interest to me would be penpals from England and/or Russia as both cultures are very interesting to me.

My interest/pastimes/hobbies are many and varied and include but are not limited to philosophy, politics, food, homesteading, government conspiracies/ coverups and
movies: comedy, parodies, animated, action sci-fi.
Books: sci-fi, fantasy, military, educational.
Music: mainly rock but also older rap and classical music. I love 80's retro.
History: American, military, WW II.

My late father was ex-military and I watched many WW II movies with him when I was a boy. The fascination stuck and I enlisted when I was 19. Other strong interests include Star Wars and Dungeons & Dragons. The country and outdoors appeal to me more than cities. I'm a great navigator and never have to ask for directions.

I was born in California, and have lived in Minnesota, Oklahoma, South Korea and now Texas where I'm currently stuck. Colorado or Arkansas look like likely destinations to visit next but anything can happen to change that as nothing is set in stone and even if it was even stone lasts forever.

More than anything I like to be different from all the sheople of the world, an individual distinct from the herd. What make your life colorful?

Take care friend and I hope to be corresponding with you soon.

Blessed be.
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